Benefits of having a WINKS executive massage

Wednesday 19th Aug 2009      10:00:09

A WINKS executive massage is not a simple straight forward massage which can be provided in any type of massage parlour. We provide sensual massage which we have perfected from an innovative concept that leaves the client with a fulfilled feeling of sensory surrender from the deep stress relief massage.

WINKS are a professional visiting massage service that only employs the best and most beautiful masseuses.

Receiving a naked massage in the past often involved having to visit massage parlours where the whole experience is less intimate and the surroundings less comfortable to the client. WINKS bring the whole naturist massage experience to you and your masseuses will dress your room with candles, incense and provide music so you can relax in familiar surroundings. To truly relax is to truly open your senses to the stress release massage helping you to enjoy the ultimate in relaxing and stimulating massage.

Before services such as WINKS were available there were various types of massage parlours providing services which sometimes did not totally meet their clients