The WINKS Policy



A Bespoke Service of Lavish Sensual Luxury



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Having secured an enviable reputation as the designer-creator of the most talked-about stress-relieving exotic massage concept – The WINKS Massage – WINKS London continuously strive for excellence in providing a magnificent level of sophisticated, discreet, reliable service to complement the most satisfying massage experience available for your time.


Dedicated to offering a sumptuous range of refined services exceeding even the most demanding of expectations, while contributing ever more original awe-inspiring creations to the Collection for your greatest fulfilment, WINKS London stand at the pinnacle of Sensual Luxury with an unwavering commitment to quality, an obsession for perfection, a meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit for innovation; a few of the differences our ecstatic Clients have come to expect, experience and appreciate.



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